Dragon Medical allows health care professionals to be more productive dictating directly into their Windows applications ...

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Dragon Medical
What is Dragon Medical

Dragon (NaturallySpeaking) Medical is an exceptional technology that allows Windows users to dictate directly into their Windows applications including Microsoft Word, e-mail, and Electronic Medical Records systems.  Dragon Medical is a "verbal keyboard" for your computer.  You use the same programs but when you want to type, you simply talk into a microphone attached to the computer and Dragon Medical types for you!
Our Dragon Medical Trial Offer:

You will like Dragon Medical within 30 Days, Guaranteed!

Many health care providers would like to try Dragon Medical for their practice but at $1,599.99  ($1,899.99 with the upgraded PowerMic microphone), they are hesitant to spend the money without knowing if it will really benefit them.  To make that decision easier, EXAQ has put together a unique Dragon Medical Trial Package that includes the Dragon Medical Practice Edition program, the Dictaphone PowerMic II microphone and the essential support necessary to quickly acquaint the provider with the productivity features available for templates, shortcuts and for dictating specialized terms.  The package price saves over $1,000 for the products and services, and we will buy back the software and microphone for full purchase price if you find it does not suit your needs for any reason!

Dragon Medical Trial package only $2,199.00*
See below for the full package details
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Over 100,000 other health care providers nationwide are now using Dragon Medical to dictate directly into Windows applications or their EMR.  Dragon Medical allows them to lower costs while providing better, more complete clinical documentation faster than ever.

"I'm amazed by the NaturallySpeaking program. I hadn't imagined that it would work so well. ...  I wish I had started using NaturallySpeaking months ago!  Without the training, I wouldn't have known all the ways the program can interface with [my EMR], Lotus Notes, and other programs on my computer."
-  Dr. N. G Vallejo, CA (EXAQ client)

However, you may have questions:
  • Will it work for my specialty?
  • Will it work with my accent?
  • Will it be fast enough and accurate enough for me?
  • Who can I call if I have a problem.
  • Will it work with the Electronic Medical Records (EMR) I have?
  • I don't have a EMR, can it work with the system I do have?
  • How long will it take me to become productive enough to make it worth while?
  • Will it even work on my computers?
  • How long will it take to break-even on my investment?
We have the solution for you.
Notice Our Dragon Medical Trial Package enables you to install and try a full copy of Dragon Medical on your computers for 30 days with a money back guarantee.  The Dragon Medical Trial Package includes:
  • Dragon Medical (Full copy)
  • Upgraded microphone: a Dictaphone PowerMic II 
  • Two hours of Professional Support Services and Training.
  • Up to 5 hours of integration and productivity consulting.
  • One month unlimited telephone technical support.
  • One month end user support contract.
  • Quick Start command "cheat sheets".
  • a 100% satisfaction guarantee or we will buy back the software and microphone for the full purchase price!*
EXAQ, Inc. is a Nuance Dragon Medical Premier Certified Partner.  We have worked with large HMOs, individual practitioner practices and everything in between for nearly 20 years, assisting health care professionals to achieve success with Dragon Medical nationwide.
Technology you can speak to!
What our clients say: "Courteous and very helpful support for a brand new Dragon user.
Both on-line and site training were excellent to get me up and running.
I recommend EXAQ strongly."
-  H. D., DO, Ph.D.", CA

"I wish all my vendors were as responsive, helpful, honest, and patient as Exaq is!"
- Jean C., Hospital Administrator, San Francisco, CA

".. whenever I have had a problem with Dragon EXAQ's staff has been especially patient and friendly in helping me to resolve the issue and they have never given me the impression that I have been a burden or that they are too busy to help regardless of how small the issue is.

 ... I have dealt with other "technical support" people for Dragon prior to finding out about EXAQ and EXAQ, in general, and Andrew, in particular, have been by far the most knowledgeable and consistently helpful of all.
I would never hesitate to purchase any products from EXAQ because their technical support is excellent."
- Dr. D. P., Fremont, CA
We look forward to providing the same level of service and results for you!
Your Upgraded Microphone
The Dictaphone PowerMic II combines maximum ease of use and recognition accuracy, mouse control, and buttons that can be programmed to operate Dragon Medical.  Use the buttons for microphone on and off, moving between fields in your EMR or even executing a custom Dragon voice command.
How can we make this offer?

We expect you to succeed!  Years of working with Dragon Medical and Dragon NaturallySpeaking users has indicated that over 95% of bad experiences with the Dragon products is the result of inadequate support.  We are convinced that if you try Dragon Medical with quality training and support, you will discover that Dragon Medical is a valuable tool for your practice.

Why is Professional Services a requirement for the Money Back Guarantee?

Working with hundreds of doctors over the years has proven that there is a significant correlation between effective support services for new Dragon Medical users and productivity, success rates and return on investment.  Knowing this, we feel that it would be a disservice to anyone serious about getting the most from Dragon Medical to even suggest trying it without effective support included as part of the package.

The Dragon Medical Trial Package includes 2 hours of Professional Services providing one-on-one live instructor training and up to 5  hours of consulting to apply template development, custom productivity commands, productivity coaching, and vocabulary enhancements to your workflow evaluation.  These support services get you past any problems and allow you to quickly understand the full capabilities and advantages of Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

This offer was designed to fit the needs of  those who have a serious interest in using Dragon Medical and are willing to commit a few hours to using it, but are concerned about the costs and time commitment if it does not work out for them. 

Adoption Productivity ROI
The graphs above represent general trends for Dragon Medical used in organizations as a productivity investment.  Actual results for a specific organization can vary based on the quality of the support, the actual workflow and applications used, and individual motivation.
Avoid frustration and inconclusive results!

The EXAQ Dragon Medical Trial Package has all that you need to fully use Dragon Medical yourself and to get the most out of it in a minimal amount of your time.
  • Get up to speed and evaluate Dragon Medical quickly.
  • Minimize your financial risk.
  • Fully test Dragon Medical with your EMR or other documentation system.
  • Be fully supported during your evaluation to get your questions answered quickly.
The EXAQ Dragon Medical Trial Package saves over $1,000.00 and gives you the piece of mind that if things do not work out well, you can return the software and the upgraded microphone for a full refund.  The Package includes $3,250.00 in software and essential Professional Services designed to make your transition to self transcribing as quick and as easy as possible and to maximize the return on your investment.

Dragon Medical Trial package only $2,199.00*

What's the Catch?  You must be serious about evaluating Dragon Medical.  If you are unable to devote 3-4 hours for the evaluation within 30 days, we recommend that you wait until you can do so to take advantage of this offer.  If you can take the time, Dragon Medical will prove to be a valuable tool;  otherwise your evaluation is likely to be much less successful.  To be eligible for the 30 day software and microphone buy-back offer, you must take advantage of at least 2 hours of the Professional Services within 30 days of receiving the software. 

How does it work?  Simply take advantage of at least 2 hours of the Professional Services (training, EHR integration, template development, etc.) and use Dragon Medical for up to 30 days.  If you are unhappy for any reason during that time, simply uninstall the program and return it and the microphone according to the buy-back requirements listed below and we will send you a full refund of the purchase price of the software and microphone.  That's it.

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Software Buy-back requirements:
  1. The entire Dragon Medical software package (manual and DVD) must be returned.
  2. The Microphone must be returned in operating condition with normal wear and tear.
  3. The optional software registration must NOT have been completed while the software was installed.  If the software is registered, the software and microphone package are no longer eligible for the buy-back offer.  You are free to register the software as soon as you have decided to keep it.
  4. Dragon Medical requires web activation with an activation server. The program must be properly uninstalled and deactivated from all computers on which it was installed.  The deactivation from all computers will be verified with Nuance prior to the buy-back being approved.
  5. You must have received at least 2 hours of Professional Services (training and consulting) prior to requesting to return the Trial Package software and microphone.
  6. You must request an RMA for a buy-back within 30 days of receiving the trial package.

EXAQA Dragon Medical
Premier Certified Partner

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Sales tax applies in California and Nevada.
Please note: This is a limited time promotional offer.  Dragon Medical Trial Package and promotional discount price and availability are subject to change without notice.  Only one Trial Package is available to a single organization (Pilot programs are available for larger organizations of 5-24 providers - call to discuss options).  In order to fully support our Dragon Medical Trial customers, a limited number of Trial Packages are available at any one time.  For current pricing and availability information please contact us.