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Dragon NaturallySpeaking
All Solution Series packages include training and support with one of our experienced representatives. Depending on your needs and budget we offer customized support packages to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

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On Line Classes

Live Instructor, Group Classes on Dragon NaturallySpeaking are scheduled several times a month. These classes provide a convenient and economical way to get started right with Dragon NaturallySpeaking -- right on your own computer from home or office!  The Basic series of classes cover the most common problems that frustrate new users as well as productivity "Tricks and Techniques" based on thousands of hours of end user training.  The Basic series will make sure that you get the best return from your NaturallySpeaking investment with the minimum amount time and effort.

Live Instructor Group Classes: Basic Series

The Basic Series includes three live instructor classes covering different aspects of "Getting Started Right" with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Each class is one hour long with followed by a live Q&A session. Take one, two or all three classes in any order although we recommend taking the Getting Started Right class first.


Basics Part 1: Getting Started Right:
1 hour followed by a live Q&A session

This class provides a quick introduction to Dragon NaturallySpeaking, its capabilities and limitations.  The class focuses on the core skills needed for successful dictation.  To make sure that your software is running properly, solutions are provided for some of the more common problems encountered during voice profile creation and initial usage. The class is presented by an experienced instructor with a question and answer session at the conclusion of the class.

Completing This calss should allow the user to successfully create a voice profile, identify if there are any problems with the system and to use NaturallySpeaking to accomplish the basic tasks necessary for successful dictation including: dictation strategies, corrections, revisions, document navigation, capitalization and numbers.


Basics Part 2:  Increasing Accuracy and Dealing with Problem Words:
1 hour followed by a Q&A Session

This class introduces more advanced topics for increasing accuracy.  Correction and Revision Strategies are discussed to optimize NaturallySpeaking and to promote higher productivity rates.  Strategies are provided to address problem words and to increase accuracy with acronyms, and commonly used phrases.  This is the class that helps to increase accuracy and resolve most annoying dictation problems you may have encountered. 

Basics Part 3: Increasing Productivity
1 hour followed by a Q&A Session

This class introduces more advanced topics for increasing productivity.  The Command Browser is discussed as a tool for identifying commands and for creating and maintaining custom productivity commands.  Several command 'Tricks and Techniques' will be discussed such as creating specialized commands to switch between programs that do not work with the normal "Switch" commands as well as single commands with multiple variations. 

NaturallySpeaking Basics Package: $89.00
Includes Parts 1, 2 and 3


Need Help?

Toll Free
1-888-548-8255 (TALK)

(916) 966-8313

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Register for All 3 Classes
Prepaid 3 Class coupon allows you to register for the class dates and times of your choice.

To Register for individual classes:
Register for Part 1 only
Register for Part 2 only
Register for Part 3 only

Group Classes: Calendar

Classes are available on the first Tuesday and on the Third Thursday of each month.
Class dates are adjusted when they fall on a holiday. Please call or email for specific class dates and starting times.

Group Classes, $39.00 each.  To purchase individual classes, the 3-class package, microphones or other items from our shopping cart, click on the appropriate link on the left.

Save over 20%, register for all three classes for $89.00

Need Help?

Toll Free
1-888-548-8255 (TALK)

(916) 966-8313

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