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Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 is the way to go for smaller practices of 24 or fewer providers to make the transition to their chosen EHR. But in addition to the software, what are the best user accessories – particularly microphones – for maximizing the effectiveness of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 to streamline workflow and EHR /EMR integration, maximize productivity, and generate higher reimbursements?

There are several well-designed and easy-to-use microphones that can be partnered with Dragon Medical Practice Edition for high performance dictation, ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to nearly $1,000.

Those looking for an easy, mobile mic they may want to consider the SpeechWare TableMike, a USB mic that’s meant for laptop, notebook, ultrabook, or tablet computers. This mic is wire and headset-free and is good for speech recognition and VOIP.  It is also on the lower end, cost-wise at $249. Another TableMike USB model is the Speech 3-in-1, which has unusually high noise cancellation and extended dictation range of up to 24 inches with high accuracy. The mic boom is detachable for easy storage and transport. This mic costs $279.00.

Another option is the Dictaphone PowerMic II Handheld Mic w/Optional Bar Code scanner. This mic also has good noise cancelling capabilities and integrates well with medical dictation software. With the bar code scanner, this mic goes for about $995, but drops to $424 without it.

With any of these you really can’t go wrong when it comes to using these mics with Dragon Practice Medical Edition to dictate commands, patient information, and clinical terms into the EHR/EMR.

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