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Have you ever wanted Dragon Medical or Dragon NaturallySpeaking help to find out if your (Dragon Speak) software is working properly for you?  Have you wondered if certain dictation errors could be avoided or if some aspect of your workflow could be made faster by voice?

I have been supporting the Dragon products for over 20 years with doctors, attorneys, managers and staff in companies large and small.  During that time I have found one fool proof way to help a user determine if their Dragon is working properly without the need to search for specific Dragon NaturallySpeaking help to answer those questions.

I simply ask this:

Are you absolutely delighted with how your Dragon software is working for you?

If the answer is “No”, then there is a problem that needs to be resolved.  If the answer is “Yes”, then Dragon is, in most cases, working properly. It may not be as productive and and effective as it could be,  but it is probably working and being used correctly.

The next question is, of course, “Why is it not working properly?” or perhaps, “How can my Dragon be more effective for me?” but those are bigger questions.  I will be attacking those and other questions in future posts.

In the meantime, if your Dragon software is not living up to your expectations or you want to get more out of it, contact an experienced, certified Dragon professional for Dragon NaturallySpeaking help specific to your unique needs.

How Should Dragon Dictation Work?

For a short demonstration of how Dragon should work “out of the box”  for dictation into most MS Windows applications, see our short Dragon Dictation introductory video.  The video runs about 4 minutes and demonstrates some of the effective dictation strategies that can (and should) be used with the Dragon Medical and Dragon NaturallySpeaking software products.  All of the information in the video applies to the Premium, Professional, Legal and Medical Editions and most of the information applies to the Home Edition as well.

If Dragon is installed, configured and used properly, then You Talk and Dragon Works!



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