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What Is Transcription AID™?
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AID is software and a foot pedal.  It is also without doubt, the most exciting software product to enhance and expand the entire capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking since continuous speech was announced in 1996.  Transcription AID is NaturallySpeaking version tested and compatible. 

This exciting software (which uses a familiar foot pedal) totally enhances, heightens and expands the capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking for:

1.  An author.
2.  A transcriptionist.
3.  A dictation or transcription manager, or anyone involved in getting dictation:
a.  dictated anywhere, easier, faster.
b.  on virtually any digital device, while at the same time having what was dictated.
c.  having it transcribed (keyboarded) and proofed in a quicker, simpler and easier manner. 
What Does Transcription AID Do?

Transcription Aid is the first “smart” software that enhances and expands the full and complete advantages of NaturallySpeaking’s dictation and automatic transcription capabilities.

  • It encourages its users (authors) to dictate into virtually any digital device (i.e. a digital recorder, a PDA, a MP3 with voice recording, a telephone into "our" network, a Windows Smartphone or even NaturallySpeaking, or Transcription Aid)  - from virtually anywhere; home, the office next door, the airport telephone into your office's network, from overseas to your network, you digital recorder while on the go..., across town, out of town, etc. -  and then, when done dictating, encourages the author to "delegate" or “hand off” this dictation a transcriptionist or assistant.   

  • The transcriptionist or assistant, using Transcription AID™ (along with Dragon NaturallySpeaking) takes the digital dictation and formats it so that  NaturallySpeaking is able to work with it and automatically transcribe the dictation into the Transcription AID screen

  • Once automatically transcribed (keyboarded), proofing and correcting with Transcription AID™ is a very simple and easy step – very similar to that of a transcriber and foot pedal - providing full and simultaneous transcription control of the proofing and correcting process at all times - reassuring to the transcriptionist.   The Dragon's internal transcription log, though capable, is limited and not as easy or comfortable to use as compared to Transcription AID™.

Easier on the front end for the author: you pick your preferred recording digital device – or that which is at hand!  When completed - “hand off” the dictation to your transcriptionist or assistant.  As an author you are now done with this piece of the pie. 

Easier on the transcription or keyboarding side: it is now a more familiar process, familiar foot pedal controls (you control forward, reverse, multiple speed controls, word playback, even playback in reverse if needed) using Transcription AID with Dragon – simultaneous playback and proofIf a misrecognition is detected – make the correction using Dragon or Transcription AID and the author's voice files are automatically updated – MP3 recorder used or not – Smartphone used or not - the whole document process - faster, easier, more comfortable and more familiar – and less expensive.

That's why we said at the beginning, “Transcription AID is the most exciting software product that enhances and expands the full and entire capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking™ since continuous speech was announcement in 1996."

Transcription Aid description courtesy of SRT Distribution.

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