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Dragon Version History
Did you know?
Dragon Version History listing version dates and key enhancements.

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal
Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 Legal
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The worlds best speech recognition software for immediate desktop transcription!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal enables legal professionals to create and edit contracts, briefs and e-mails, all by speaking! It’s never been faster or easier to use, and it’s amazingly accurate. Talk to your computer and your words instantly appear in the full Microsoft® Office® Suite, and virtually all other Windows®-based applications. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal even automatically formats legal citations! Create special voice commands that instantly build and format templates for contracts or other legal documents.
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a faster, more efficient way for legal professionals to create contracts, dictate briefs, and draft court documents or e-mail messages. You can turn your voice into text three times faster than most people type with up to 99% accuracy using virtually any Windows-based application.

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a preconfigured legal vocabulary that includes over 30,000 legal specific terms and phrases, and it even formats legal citations.
  • Create custom voice commands to instantly build and format templates for contracts or other legal documents or automate complex tasks on your computer with a spoken word or phrase.
  • Improved third-party correction features streamline the editing and correction process to dramatically decrease turnaround time and reduce dependencies on support staff

Inspiration for advancements came directly from customers who use Dragon NaturallySpeaking every day. Number One on their wish list was accuracy. While the accuracy of prior versions was excellent, the Nuance developers and engineers are never satisfied ' and once again, they delivered huge improvements in recognition accuracy.

Dragon 13 Legal includes a special language model to achieve optimal out-of-the-box accuracy when dictating legal terms. Format legal citations automatically, and leverage third-party correction to speed document turnaround and free support staff to focus on higher-value tasks.

The latest version also makes major leaps forward in ease of use. Here are just a few of the ways the best is now better:

  • 15% more accurate than Legal version 12
  • Significantly improved speed: Words now appear on screen in less than half the time.
  • Designed Specifically for the Legal User: Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal offers a preconfigured legal vocabulary that includes over 30,000 legal-specific terms, and it automatically formats legal citations.
  • Improved Third-party Correction: Reduce dependencies on support staff or improve transcription turnaround time with enhanced third-party correction features. Specific enhancements include:
    • Digital Voice Recordings. Both the audio and the transcribed text of a digital voice recording can be sent to a transcriptionist for review. An Auto-Transcribe Folder Agent can manage text and synchronized audio flow for third-party review, which streamlines the process of correcting another person's dictation.
    • Correction Only Mode. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal lets those who correct the dictations of others create a “no dictation available” profile, which means that they don't have to go through any kind of audio setup, no matter what dictation source the speaker used. The "correctionist" can open the synchronized dictation files to make corrections by hand, which contributes to the optimization of the speaker's profile over time.
  • New Dragon Voice Shortcuts: Now you can collapse common tasks into simple voice commands so you can quickly search the Web and your desktop.
  • Quick Voice Formatting: Delete and format text faster and more easily than ever.

So effortless, you hardly have to think about it.
Customers told us they wanted to complete everyday tasks even easier and faster. So we developed new features for Dragon NaturallySpeaking that allow you to create emails, documents and spreadsheets much more efficiently:

  • Automatic tuning programs can be run to improve accuracy overnight.
  • Improved Help System and Tutorials are easier to see and more intuitive to navigate.
But that's just the tip of the iceberg. With Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal, you can dictate using any Nuance-approved Bluetooth wireless microphone. Plus, The Natural Language Commands and proofing with dictation playback have been optimized, along with the ability to dictate into your Pocket PC, Palm Tungsten' or digital handheld recorder for transcription later. And it's compatible with the latest Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer, as well as Mozilla Firefox and Corel WordPerfect.

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buy NaturallySpeaking Now

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