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System Requirements

All Solution Series packages include training and support with one of our experienced representatives. Depending on your needs and budget we offer customized support packages to optimize your efficiency and productivity.

Need Help?

Toll Free
1-888-548-8255 (TALK)

(916) 966-8313

A Risk Management Resource

EXAQ Inc.’s extensive experience working with users with physical challenges that limit their computer access enables us to provide effective  solutions for Reasonable Accommodation, Worker's Compensation, and the Americans with Disabilities Act cases. Our goal is to enable our clients to be viable competitors within the workforce.

EXAQ provides educational and support services for Professionals who evaluate and recommend reasonable accommodation products and services.
  • NaturallySpeaking Capabilities and Limitations seminars: Find out what NaturallySpeaking really can, and cannot, do to address worker accommodation needs.  There is a great deal of misunderstanding and misperception in this area ... get the facts in order to better serve your clients!
  • Dynamic and Professional Speaker presentations for conferences and association meetings.  Popular topics include: Speech Recognition Technology, Risk Management, Cost Benefit Analysis as an Accommodation.
  • TIP Evaluations: Technology Integration Probability Evaluations analyze an employees work flow applications for appropriateness for use with Speech Recognition.  The evaluation includes a written report with a probability of success assessment that allows managers to make informed decisions regarding reasonable accommodations with supporting documentation.  TIP PDF
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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional
Dictation and Formatting VideoMore videos

The worlds best speech recognition software levels the employment "playing field" for individuals who have difficulty using a keyboard!

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional enables individuals to accomplish substantial to complete elimination of keyboard and mouse usage to when using Microsoft Windows.  Create documents and e-mails, fill out forms, browse the internet, and streamline workflow tasks – all by speaking.

Reasonable Accommodation and
Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Solutions
EXAQ has the experience and expertise to that enable us to provides products and services for Reasonable Accommodation and ADA cases that maximize productivity and success rates.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking software: Highly accurate and versatile speech recognition software
  • Customizing to adapt the software to the unique workflow needs of individual workflow requirements
  • Individual and group classes are used as appropriate to the situation and the individual to minimize cost.
  • On-site and remote training and support tailored to maximize effectiveness and minimize cost.
  • Experience in professional fields including legal and medical
If you have an employee or client in need of a reasonable accommodation solution or assessment, contact us for a quote.

Rehabilitation Industry Applications
California Department of Rehabilitation
The Department of Rehabilitation Voice Commands (DOR Voice Commands) are a suite of NaturallySpeaking macros and supporting documentation which enable counselors and other staff members at the California Department of Rehabilitation to quickly access and update their mainframe client notes and other information by voice using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The DOR Voice Commands address a number of menu navigation notes entry issues that arise when attempting to use NaturallySpeaking in a 3270 emulation environment to access mainframe information such as HWDC and CIDOR by voice.

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NaturallySpeaking Capabilities and Limitations
This one-hour seminar is designed for busy professionals who deal with recommending and/or approving disability, "back to work", and reasonable accomodation plans and purchases.  This is a fast paced presentation based on 15 years of experience and provides demonstrations and concise, up to date information on:
  • Exactly how well does can the technology be expected to work.
  • Job functions that are most approprate for high productivity using Speech Recognition.
  • Job functions that are not likely to result in acceptable productivity when using speech recognition.
  • Job functions which are generally assumed to be a poor match with speech recognition but can actually be accomplished very successfully by voice.
  • The differences between the four primary editions of NaturallySpeaking and what types of work flow activities is each appropriate for.
  • The most common myths as to what NaturallySpeaking can and cannot do.
The seminar concludes with a question and answer period to address any questions not covered during the presentation.

For information on scheduling or attending a seminar,

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NaturallySpeaking as a Risk Management tool

This short PDF document provides  background information and tips for evaluating NaturallySpeaking as a Reasonable Accommodation in the work place.
Why NaturallySpeaking Professional?
NaturallySpeaking Professional is the basic , "full version" of the NaturallySpeaking Solution series which includes the Preferred, Professional, Medical and Legal versions

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