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Police Officer uses NaturallySpeaking to complete reports quickly and spend more time in the field.

Case Study

Police Department: Officers are 68% more proficient when using NaturallySpeaking over typing by hand.


Need Help?

Toll Free
1-888-548-8255 (TALK)

(916) 966-8313

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 for
Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement has Unique Needs

Unique vocabularies, document formatting and working conditions make  NaturallySpeaking Professional a perfect fit for Law Enforcement Agencies looking to:
  • Reduce document turn around time
  • Increase documentation depth and accuracy
  • Reduce documentation overhead expenses
  • Minimize office time out of the field
  • Increase report availability for research and investigations
Many government law enforcement agencies, including the FBI and the military have already selected Dragon NaturallySpeaking to keep pace with ever-increasing intelligence gathering and situation reporting loads.

Law enforcement officials are facing an increasingly heavy administrative burden that keeps officers from doing “real” police work. Public safety officers may not like paperwork, but they know it’s critical to create timely, thorough and accurate reports.

What can you do when even the simplest incident report takes your officers at least an hour to type up?

Imagine how much faster your officers and detectives could get through the paperwork if they could dictate reports rather than type them.

Speech recognition increases productivity by providing your force with a faster, easier way to complete administrative work. By helping your officers get through the stacks of paperwork more quickly, you'll not only reduce overtime, but you can get them back to the critical business of protecting your community sooner.

Whether at a desktop or in their vehicle, your officers can use simple voice commands to speed through the paperwork, with 99% accuracy. For example, the Clearwater Police Department in Florida eliminated the need for officers to hand type information into their computers while on patrol or driving. By using Dragon NaturallySpeaking to voice-enable officers’ individual patrol car computers, the department was able to speed up the information collection and inquiry processes. The department's officers can dictate information an average of 68% faster than typing by hand.

Dragon enables the quick and safe completion of necessary paperwork and computer-related tasks while on duty — providing your officers with additional time to focus on the more important aspects of law enforcement.

Case Study
Clearwater Florida Police Department
NaturallySpeaking Helps Clearwater Police Fight Crime: Innovative department uses Voice Recognition Technology to allow its officers to work 68% more proficiently than typing by hand.

Officer Gary Bonzo use NaturallySpeaking to make his time more effective and spend more time in the field.  See Video

How can EXAQ help you?

With nearly 20 years of experience working with organizations of all sizes and needs, EXAQ is uniquely positioned to provide the expertise and services to make your speech recognition implementation a success.
  • Pilot Programs:  Expert coaching to work with a limited number of users to work out full scale work flow and productivity issues.
  • Work flow Analysis:  EXAQ can help you discover the best work flow strategies to free up the maximum amount of officer field time.
  • Application Integration:  Not sure how to implement Dragon with your document management or reporting system. EXAQ experts can help you get the best results from the Dragon technology.
  • Funding Grants:  EXAQ has financial grants available for Site Productivity Evaluations. These evaluations provide a basis to justify funding for a larger Pilot Program or Departmental roll out of a Dragon NaturallySpeaking productivity solution. Sites must qualify and a limited number of grants are available each quarter.
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Contact us for details and pricing.

Contact us for a Quote based on your agency's needs.

Police Officer uses NaturallySpeaking on Patrol

Gold Partner
Nuance Gold Certified Partner
EXAQ, Inc. has the experience to make NaturallySpeaking successful in even the most demanding situations.

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